Spur Tree * Fashion Week * Opening Ceremony * By The Water

September 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Taxi conversation with Sean John as we leave his restaurant Spur Tree at Orchard street enroute to pier 57 NYC for a week long food and fashion event. And Spur Tree is on the menu. Our conversation covers Spur Tree’s plans in London, Naomi Cambell, how he he was chosen to be apart of Opening Ceremony’s 1st fashion week show and the last 5 years in business “the first year was the hardest, I use to sleep at the restaurant. It was hard, but I knew it would work”- Sean John.

Sammy Levy, “Never stray away from the little voice in your head thats telling you to do right.”

April 30, 2013 1 comment

Walking down Lenox avenue in Harlem, I heard 22year old Sammy recommending books to a friend. “I started socializing with books and people were always asking why am I always reading..I never had a answer..it wasn’t the grownups it was the kids” His favorite book is the Robot Stories. If i never started reading I would be still stuck still thinking the same way. When you read you expand your vocabulary and expand your perspective on life..you never start changing until u start seeing that you are doing the same thing”

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DJ Stormin Norman, The Sundae Sermon Story

April 4, 2013 1 comment

“This summer we are doing The Harlem Tour..5 Harlem Parks” Harlem connects all people from all corners of the globe. Now in its 6th year, Sundae Sermon has continued this tradition with a simple and soulful day of dancing under the Uptown sun.

Sundae Sermon is an afternoon in the park of music, dancing,

family and community commerce. The foundation of

the sound of Sundae Sermon is positive house music and

peaceful tribal vibes. The spirit of house music comes

from the church; so it’s only befitting house music should

be the cornerstone of this public dance-party. New and

old house, blended with classic R&B (Barry White, Stevie

Wonder), Disco (Thelma Houston), Funk (Parliament), Soul

(James Brown, TSOP), Afro-Beat (Fela) and Latin (Oscar

D’leon). All musical genres that cross generations and borders.

This is music that makes people feel good!

Beautiful Morningside Park is the perfect location for a

diverse audience of all ages and cultures to enjoy a fun

afternoon of music and relaxation.

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Kid Playing Violin At NYC Subway Station

April 1, 2013 1 comment

When James was 3 years old, his mom bought him his first violin. He was inspired by the violinist he watched on the Baby Einstein videos. And I came across violinist James at the Broadway Junction NYC subway station.

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Otis Houston Jr “Black Cherokee” (Harlem, New York)

March 16, 2013 4 comments

Time Square has the Naked Cowboy. Harlem has the Black Cherokee. Since 1969 he can be found in Harlem. “Tough and strong like George Foreman, fast and small like Mohommed Ali..and I got little bit of Frazier in me. Your not wealthy unless your healthy.” I came across him at 125th & Lenox avenue. Mr. Houston, 58, calls himself “Black Cherokee” because he is, in fact, part Cherokee, has created something of a performance art. He was stopping traffic on 125th.
Many drivers slowed and honked, waved and yelled hello. Many seemed to know him by his first name, or his nickname. Mr. Houston, a vegetarian, talks about the importance of eating right and avoiding liquor, cigarettes and drugs. He often poses with pieces of fruit, he says, to promote good nutrition.

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West Harlem Head Start Students Arrive @ Papa John’s Pizza Harlem,NY

March 14, 2013 15 comments

The preschoolers from West Harlem Head Start are creating a pizza shop inside their school and asked the management at Papa John’s @ 126th street & Lenox in Harlem to teach them the process of making a pizza and running a business.

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Yasin Abdur: The Man w/ The Amazing Voice

February 14, 2013 Leave a comment

I was late. I just finished filming some kids selling t-shirts on the NYC streets and heard a voice from across the street. “I got a story for you”. I love unscripted conversations. Great conversation and voice. His first words: “I am not a person of physical color, I am a bright being..” Meet Yasin. unscripted..Singer, Song Writer & Model.

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