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“Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Live Life Open and Reallize That There Are Opportunities Everywhere” Harlem Public co-owner Lauren Lynch

I have walked by the Harlem Public under construction sign and like everyone else I wanted to know the story. Lauren Lynch & Jay Janawsky are opening the pub in a matter of weeks and all the garnishes for the cocktails will be grown in Maggie’s garden located just behind the bar. Maggie’s Garden opened in 1996. I had a wonderful conversation with Lauren and Maggie about the impetus for the pub, the garden, their collaboration and we tour the bar and garden. Maggie has received tremendous support from Bette Midler’s New York Restoration project, with the goal of revitalizing neglected neighborhood parks in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York City.

2 months after I posted the Harlem Public story, they were featured in the Wall Street Journal 


  1. I must say, the instant success of Lauren and Jay is astonishing and very gratifying to see. It is so hard for a business to prosper and thrive; theirs has exploded seemingly effortlessly. But certainly a huge amount of work and sacrifice was responsible. And an extremely smart business model. I’m happy they’re at 149th and Broadway. So are hundreds of loyal, enthusiastic patrons. Lauren and Jay have my utmost respect, and I am humbled to know them. Boo-yah, LL and JJ!

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